Desktop Chip Level Service Engineering Training Course Overview

Desktop Chip Level (Upto BGA Chip Replace & Reball) Training Cours Details Overview

► Desktop Chip Level Service Engineering Course Includes :

01. Basic Electronic (SMT & THT) Course.                                                       Read More

02. Desktop Motherboard Card Level (Basic) Training Course.                      Read More

03. Desktop Motherboard Advanced Chip Level & BGA Level Course.         Read More

► Class In Week :

♦ Beginner level : 3 Days

♦ Expert level : 6 Days

► Course Duration :

♦ Beginner level : 45 Days

♦ Expert level : 15 Days

► Class Duration : 3 Hours – 4 Hours

► Course Fee : 15000 Taka

► Advantages for Students :

01. All Lectures of Laptop & Desktop Chip Level Training are Explained Step By Step Practically With The Help Of Schematic Diagrams And Laptop & Desktop Mother Board.

02. Professional & Experienced Staff who are Trained by American & Indian laptop Service Engineering Institute (Online) and They Gives Students Quality Teaching.

03. Our Teacher Spatially Care for Individual Attention for Each Students.

04. We Will Teach All You Need to Know About Fixing Laptop & Desktop Professionally.

05. All Courses at MCS are Highly Practical Knowledge Oriented.

06. We Use World Class Desktop Repair Tools Like BGA Machine, Preheater, Oscilloscope, Frequency Counter, BIOS Programmer, Debug Card, CPU & RAM Tester etc Tools for Laptop Training & Servicing.

07. Student Gets Many Desktop Motherboard Schematic Diagrams For Free.

08. Student Gets Free Video Tutorials, Special Notes ( Card level & Chip Level) , Certificate And Many More.

09. Student Gets Life Time Support for Technical Help, Schematic Diagrams, BIOS file or any other Help through our “MCS MOTHERBOARD REPAIR FORUM” Private Laptop Repair forum.

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